62: Special Needs Education for Expats


Harshi Sehmar is director of The Village Education Centre in Bangkok. His background is in Special Needs in secondary schools (high school). He has taught Special Needs students in large Comprehensive Schools in the UK and in International schools over the last 23 years.

Prior to this, he worked as an Education Welfare Officer and has an additional Diploma in Youth and Community where he worked as a support worker in Youth Clubs and Community Centre’s for disadvantaged children in London.

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Harshi’s Story:

As an undiagnosed dyslexic student, Harshi struggled a lot and found education very difficult. One teacher at his school showed interest in trying to understand his learning difference. She focused on his strengths and put together a more multisensory approach to her teaching which made a huge difference in Harshi’s life.

Feeling motivated by his teacher, Harshi realised that doing something similar for a whole range of students with different needs is what he’ll do for the rest of his life.

Hear more about Harshi’s inspiring journey to start The Village.


We discuss:

  • Harshi’s experience during his education.
  • How and why Harshi started The Village.
  • How The Village is helping children on the spectrum.
  • Great advice for families that are planing to move to a different country.
  • Great advice for people that might want to start their own educational centres.


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