64: Shannon Penrod shares Autism Live


When Shannon Penrod’s son was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½, getting him help became her top priority.  10 years later he is a successful junior high student, and Shannon helps other families get resources they need as the host of Autism Live and through her work with ACT Today!

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Shannon’s Story:

Shannon is a very proud autism parent with a son who was diagnosed ten years ago. As she searched for information ten years ago, she didn’t find a lot of resources, so Shannon and her husband made a pledge that they were going to do everything that they could for their son.

Hear more about Shannon’s inspiring journey on this episode of The Autism Show Podcast.


We discuss:

  • How Autism Live is helping parents with kids on the spectrum.
  • Shannon’s podcast Everyday Autism Miracles and her work with Autism Live.
  • Advice for parents, who may have a teenage child on the spectrum.
  • Many resources for parents and teachers.


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