53: A Father’s Perspective & Autism Employment with Derek Volk

Derek & Dylan - 2014Derek Volk is a businessman, supporter of Autism awareness, philanthropist, and author of the book: Chasing the Rabbit – A Dad’s Life Raising His Son on the Spectrum.

Derek actively participates on the Maine Business Leadership Network (BLN), a national organization that focuses on connecting employers with employees who have disabilities. His own company currently employs those who are deaf, blind and on the Autism Spectrum.

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Derek’s Story:


As a businessman, Derek was advised to write a business book. When he sat down to start writing this book, he heard a voice in his head, telling him that he should write a book about his son, Derek.

Derek started researching books about autism and noticed that there was a huge voice missing in the world of autism awareness – the voice of the dad. He wrote Chasing the Rabbit, reaching dads with kids on the Autism spectrum when they really need it.

Hear more about autism from the father’s perspective on this episode of The Autism Show podcast.


We discuss:


  • Chasing the Rabbit, a book about the father’s journey raising an autistic child.
  • Derek’s perspective and his son Dylan’s perspective in the book Chasing the Rabbit.
  • Employment advice for kids and parents on the Autism spectrum.
  • What Derek is doing for the future of the autism Community.


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