79: Amazing 21-year old artist and autism advocate

haleyHaley Moss is an artist, author, advocate, and college graduate on the autism spectrum. She is currently a law student at the University of Miami. She has written two books on autism and contributes to The Huffington Post. Her artwork is used to fundraise for nonprofits benefitting people with disabilities.

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Haley’s Story:

Haley found out that she was diagnosed with autism when she was nine years old and she grew up seeing autism as a positive thing. During her childhood, Haley was never isolated. Even though autism makes socializing hard, she was very socially involved, and she had a lot of friends.

Haley’s goal is to make education and life a little bit easier for the next generation. She believes that advocating will make a big difference and will get everyone on the spectrum ready for life’s challenges.

Hear more about Haley’s inspiring journey in this episode of The Autism Show Podcast.


We discuss:

  • Some of the challenges that Haley had to overcome while she was growing up.
  • What helped her in learning social skills.
  • Haley’s books and Haley’s artwork.
  • What keeps Haley motivated.


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