38: Dr. Heather MacKenzie: How to help kids with autism manage their behavior and emotions


Heather MacKenzie is a Speech Language Pathologist who has spent her career developing and implementing approaches for enhancing learning in children with special needs. Her focus is on translating current research into sound clinical practice. She has a special interest in children with autism and how to optimize their development.

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Heather’s Story:

Dr. Heather MacKenzie is a Canadian Speech Language Pathologist. She has authored several books and programs helping children manage their behavior, thinking, and emotions.

Hear more about Heather’s  journey and passion to help kids on the autism spectrum with self-regulation skills.

Interview Links:


  • Aukids Magazine: Heather recommends this quarterly print magazine providing information, encouragement and support for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions.

  • Spark-kids:Spark* is an innovative evidence-based program that teaches children how to manage and regulate their behavior, thinking and emotions more effectively.



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  1. Betty

    Heather is awesome! My son was one of her students for 2 years….He is now going into grade 10, successful in every sense of the word! His social skills are a little quirky, but our pediatrician is still amazed at the difference in my son because of his therapy with Heather. (Although she got him addicted to “Dino Sours” Heathers insight, patience (even with parents) and helped us to understand what a blessing these people are to all of us “Neuro-typicals” We got so much knowledge from Heather and the resources she recommended to us were most valuable…We Love you Heather..always have! Your former student from “The Heather MacKenzie School for Male Models” The success she had was measurable with all the kids! Amazing, incredible gift to the autistic community!

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