41: How Parents Can Live and Thrive with Autism with Linda Mastroianni of Speaking Autism

Speaking Autism

Linda Mastroianni is founder of SpeakingAutism.ca and contributing blogger for Huffington Post Canada.

She is a certified life coach providing consulting services on issues such as special education, life skills, transition into the workplace, aging out of the school system, employment options and much more. She also has a son that is autistic.

She is an active advocate for the education of special needs children that includes a well-developed IEP program.

Through her coaching services, she shares with others her techniques to strive for a positive attitude, to live and not just survive and most importantly, how you can live and thrive with autism.

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Linda’s Story:

Linda has an (almost) 16 year old autistic son and she regularly writes about her life experiences on her website, SpeakingAutism.ca

Hear more about Linda’s inspiring journey as a mother and now a life coach for other parents of kids on the autism spectrum.


We discuss:

  • Linda’s son’s journey on the autism spectrum and how this lead Linda to start an Autism site to help other parents.
  • How Linda is helping others with marriage, divorce, or blended families and living with a family member on the autism spectrum.
  • Advice on how to strive for a positive attitude.
  • How you can get help for a well developed IEP program for your child.
  • Linda’s favorite autism resources for parents (Linda’s son uses one of these resources).
  • How you can live and thrive with autism.

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