34: Kevin Miller of Livecode: Teaching coding to people on the Autism spectrum

Kevin Miller LivecodeKevin Miller, CEO of LiveCode joins us on The Autism Show to share coding for autism.

LiveCode, the easy-to-learn programming language that uses English words to teach children and young adults to code. LiveCode just launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise $350,000 to teach 3,000 young adults on the autism spectrum to code.

Partnering with the National Autism Society, Specialisterne, and Autism Initiatives, LiveCode will provide an extensive training program to help these young adults develop employment skills or gain self-employment in the app business.

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LiveCode’s Autism Story:

LivecodeOver 80% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed or underemployed.

Todd Fabacher is an autism father and is hoping to change this statistic. He has partnered with LiveCode and other autism organizations to launch an Indigogo campaign.

Hear more about Kevin’s inspiration to launch a campaign to train 3000 people on the Autism spectrum to code and learn how you can help.


Interview Links:

  • Empower Individuals With Autism Through Coding: Support the LiveCode IndiGoGo Campaign here. Together with LiveCode, the National Autistic Society, Specialisterne & Autism Initiatives, the goal is to train 3000 young adults on the autism spectrum, across the world, how to code.



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  1. Guys, this is such a great program! All of us here at Birdhouse wish you well on the campaign. We’ll be following along and spreading the word!

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