80: Smart Robot Toy for Autism

ladislasLadislas de Toldi is one of the co-founders of LEKA – the robot toy for autism.

They are creating the first smart toy specifically designed for children on the autism spectrum.

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LEKA’s Story:

The idea for creating LEKA was born 4 years ago when Ladislas met with the co-founder, Marine in engineering school. The professor explained to his students what autism is, and asked them to imagine a toy or an object that would help the children on the autism spectrum communicate and interact.

Ladislas and Marine started researching autism, how technology is being used to help kids with autism, and if this kind of tool would be helpful to parents and the educators.

Hear more about LEKA and how it helps children on the spectrum in this episode of The Autism Show Podcast.  Plus, learn how to be one of the first people to have your own smart toy robot in your hands.

We discuss:

  • How LEKA works.
  • How kids on the spectrum interact with technology after using LEKA.
  • Ladislas’s current engagement in the US.
  • The Indiegogo campaign! Get your own LEKA!


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