60: Autism Decoded with Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse worked with people with ASD – as a teacher,  caregiver and Deputy Principal  of a residential community,since the 1970s.

She has a series of books for parents plus a new upcoming series – Autism Decoded.


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Stella’s Story:

Stella became interested in autism in the late 60s, after meeting three very different children who had the same diagnosis. She spent the rest of her career working with people on the autism spectrum.

Hear more about Stella’s inspiring career on this episode of The Autism Show Podcast.



We discuss:

  • Stella’s experience with working with adults and children on the spectrum.
  • Stella’s books- a great resource for parents and teachers.
  • How the program Sounds Rite is helping people on the spectrum.
  • Stella’s plans for the future.


Interview Links:

  • The Sounds Rite Program



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