45: Swimming for Kids on the Autism Spectrum with Sensory Swim

Sensory Swim Autism

Andrew HaHa Ross & Mary Sunshine Ross are better known as Sensory Swim the most requested special needs swim program on the planet.

They help kids on the autism spectrum become swimming machines via their extremely enjoyable, exceedingly effective, perfectly fitted, private special needs swim lessons.

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Sensory Swim Story:

Andrew and Mary are special education teachers-turned-special-ed-swim instructors.

Listen to the audio interview above to hear more about Andrew and Mary’s journey to teach kids with autism and special needs to become swimming machines!


We discuss:

    • How Sensory Swim is helping kids on the Autism spectrum become swimming machines.
    • The best way for kids with autism to learn to swim – even if they’re afraid of taking a bath.

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3 Responses to “45: Swimming for Kids on the Autism Spectrum with Sensory Swim”
  1. Heather Fitzgerald

    Where are you located? I really want to teach my almost 4 year old daughter how to swim. We are in Bloomington Indiana and I have not found an appropriate program for her.

  2. Ruth Marlowe

    My son is autistic aged 35 living in London. I would be interested in any activities you can suggest.

  3. Alicia Cross

    My son is 11 years old, has Aspergers, ADHD and NASH. H still has not learned how to swim. Help!

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