75: ProAutism Microbusiness with Tuck’s Tooques

tuckTuck’s Tooques is an Autistic-owned microenterprise offering handwoven, fleece-lined, winter hats, gloves, mittens, footies and socks.

It’s a ProAutism microbusiness designed to develop a sustainable young man (Tuck) in operating a profitable business.

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Tuck’s Tooques’s Story:


Tuck was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and a half.

Being disappointed with school systems, Dennis, Tuck’s father, started thinking about preparing his son for the school to work transition. He started looking at options for a business model he could do together with his son.

Hear more about this family’s inspiring journey to start a proautism microbusiness.

We discuss:


  • How Dennis and Tuck came with the idea to start Tuck’s Tooques.
  • The skills that Tuck learned while working on this business.
  • What has Dennis planned for the future of Tuck’s business.
  • Great advice about employment for autistic adults.


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